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Edinger Farm

Riding Instruction For All Ages 

& Stalls For Boarding

We have 2 barns onsite.

Our main 16 stall barn which has 12 full board stalls and 4 semirough stalls. 

We also have a 4 stall barn which we offer semi-rough board.

The main barn is a 16 stall barn with fully matted stalls, tack room with keypad entry, office, and loft located next to the outdoor lighted arena.

Stalls in the main barn are $575 / month for the inside aisle which is full board only...There are 4 outward facing stalls as well which are available as semirough for $300 / month.  

Full includes all supplies, care, administering your supplied supplements in the a.m., and any simple blanket changes.

Semirough includes us turning your horse in/out as needed and dropping feedings for you. You are responsible for supplying hay, grain, shavings, and cleaning your stall and paddock.

The shed row barn is a 4 stall separate barn down the driveway in it's own little nook, where the stalls are also fully matted with dutch doors and there are 4 private individual turnouts right next to it as well as a brand new storage room for rough boarder supplies.

Boarders in the shed row have access to all farm amenities as well.

$300 - Semi Rough Board

(You supply hay, grain, shavings. We turn out/in as you need us to and drop your feed for you)

Indoor Arena - 70 x 140, with 2 sliding doors and windows that open all down the side for great air flow. Arena is a standard small dressage size and has dressage lettering.

Our tack room has keypad entry, all new racks for saddles & bridles & crops, and has a wash sink with hot & cold water.

Our large outdoor arena is lighted and has an automatic sprinkler system to eliminate dust in the warm summer months. Great drainage - Ready to ride the morning after a rainstorm in most cases!  

Footing refreshed in May 2020

We offer large individual paddocks for all day turnout. 24hr in good weather if requested.

All exterior wood fencing, combined with electric, create safe and secure space.

Seasonal shade tents erected to provide space out of the sun in the summer heat!

And of course - then there are the TRAILS! Our barn is located right on the rails to trails system. Old railbed trails have been transformed to grassy, peaceful trails. Tack up in the barn, an walk right out onto trucking involved.